Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Grown & Sexy Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein Campaign

Oh hey Justin! I mean dam, he's is definitely a heartthrob he is also super super talented. JB killed his Clavin Klein underwear shoot, no question. If you ain't a belieber now, you certainly will be! Justin effortless shows off his toned tatted physique in his latest fashion campaign. The 20 year old superstar tweeted, 'This is just the start of the year #mycalvins #beallyoucanbe #learnfromyourfaults #risetosuccess #dontbeashamedredeem #thebestisyet2come.' Posing with model Lara Stone, A confident Justin plays the drums shirtless in an accompanying video promo ad for Calvin Klein, check out the videos in the link below. Love him.
 Justin Bieber and Lara Stone
Source: RapUp
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