Monday 15 December 2014

Album Download: Nicki Minaj 'The PinkPrint'

Without sounding completely obsessed, this album is definitely the best of 2014. FML. Talk about early Christmas gift. I've listened to the deluxe version of this masterpiece ahead of it's release and with 21 songs of pure epic genius-isms this is definitely on repeat on my iPod for the rest of the year.
Favourite tracks:
Four Door Aventador
Truffle Butter
 In the way of slow jams, Nicki slays on Grand Piano, I Lied, and The Crying Game. This album is definitely the best yet, lyrics absolutely kill 'em. I was a big Nicki fan now I'm a HUGE Nicki fan. You learn so much about who Nicki is, her life experiences and her pure talent as a artist.

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