Sunday 23 November 2014

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Lil Fizz: 'I'm Not With That Thot! (Amanda)'

Now I must admit I feel Lil Fizz was super nice to Amanda during their time together, and Amanda basically took advantage of the whole situation creeping behind his back with some other dude. See how you gonna do that when you got Lil Fizz of B2K?! His swag is tight. Lol Yesi Ortiz recently spoke to Lil Fizz about Amanda on her Power 106 show. Fizz says, 'I am not with a Thot. Can’t do it..' He can do better to be fair..! Check out this weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood when Fizz goes on a date with Miss Nikkii. Now we talkin! ;)

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