Wednesday 5 November 2014

K Michelle 'Love 'Em All' Official Music Video

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k michelle love em all 3
K Michelle is back with another #TeamStrongFemaleClassic track, she brings it out of all of us! 'Love Em All.' 'They say I move too fast, Going man to man, Always holding a new hand, Why can’t they understand? Sex is irrelevant, just a game in my head, I’m playing and I’m winning. Oh I broke another heart today…'
'Men do these songs like, ‘These hoes ain’t loyal,’  and stuff like that…and my mother always told me, ‘Don’t screw all, but you love em all. You date the men and let the MVP win! Don’t sit at home crying over these men, you get out there and you date. Eat as many free meals as you can until you get the right person. So that’s where ‘Love em All’ came from.'
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