Sunday 29 June 2014

Ariane Grande announces new album 'My Everything'

My Everything
Two words: Cannot wait. Every since my daughter said to me 'Mommie I love Ariane Grande, she is my idol, her voice is amazing!..' I immediately fell in love with literally all of her songs, or at least all the ones I could find, after listening to her for a while on YouTube. Ariane Grande is super talented, and I cannot wait until her album is released. It will be huge.
Ariana recently revealed the release date for her sophomore album in a recent interview for iHeartRadio to Ryan Seacrest. August 25 My Everything will be out, and is also currently available for pre-order. 'I feel like each song is so strongly themed that I just wanted to have a very simple overall cover,' Ariane commented. With her first hit single featuring Iggy Azalea, 'Problem,' the second follow-up track is set to be just as incredible; 'Break Free' featuring Zedd.
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