Monday 12 May 2014

Eminem 'Headlights' Official Music Video

We've all been there. Ups and downs with our Moms, ignoring advice, making up then arguing again. Eminem has released an amazing tribute to make amends with his Momma in the video 'Headlights,' directed by the amazing Spike Lee, the clip features actual photos from Eminem's childhood. Lee commented, '“It’s a great, great story. It’s heartfelt, some pain in it, but that’s life.So that’s why we’re here, back in the ‘hood, 8 Mile Detroit, shooting where all this took place.' I love how real Eminem is, we can relate. Some of us have grown up with a single mom, an all too often absent father - and no male figure to look up to. It is usually as kids grow up into teens and finally adults that they realise how hard their Mom worked to raise them alone. This song is powerful.

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