Thursday 6 March 2014

Trevor Jackson Featuring B.o.B 'Drop It' Remix Official Music Video

Trevor Jackson and B.o.B
My 9 year old daughter Aaliyah Sadé [Pronounced: Sharday] hasthe BIGGEST crush on Trevor Jackson who was released a remix video for 'Drop It' featuring B.o.B. I'm really loving B.o.B's style of rapping. He fly on all tracks.17 year old Trevor is also signed to Atlantic Records like B.oB and the duo created a slick collabo on the Mike Ho directed visual. 'We just clicked,' said Trevor about working with B.o.B. 'Our chemistry was good on-camera and he just brought a whole new element to the video, so I’m thankful that he was able to make it out here.' Trevor’s debut EP #NewThang is available now.
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