Thursday 6 February 2014

Sexy Mama Beyonce & Blue Ivy

Beyonce at home with Blue Ivy 1
Critics are running wild, and debates have been floating around TV talk shows and blogs on the internet about whether Beyoncé is a good role model or not, and if she is portraying herself in a respectable light, in regards to her choice of outfits for recent live performances. *Yawn* Typical medial and typical unnecessary convtroversy. Let's focus on the positive, the fact that Beyoncé married before she had her daughter, and she dated Jay-Z for a number of years showing, commitment and stability, which is this day and age appears to be a rarity. In Beyoncé's recent Tumblr photos Beyoncé is seen chilling at home wearing a satin robe and underwear, with makeup and baby Blue is seen playing close by. The pictures scream, 'Yes, I am a mother! Yes I am a wife! And yes, I can still be sexy. Motherhood and marriage can be sexy! Life doesn’t stop when you have a baby or when you say ‘I do!' Enough said. Jheeze the media. Lol
Beyonce at home with Blue Ivy
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