Friday 21 February 2014

Gorgeous photo of Ludacris & fiance Eudoxie

 photo cef443e295b411e3be910ab7fe098654_8.jpg
This has to be my favourite photo of the week.  Ludacris has been under scrutiny this week, in regards to child support payments which state that he owes more money to the mother of his child Tamika Fuller, who has requested $15,000 a month in support. The former couple met in court and a judge ordered Luda to pay $7,000 a month.
 At present the judge is said to be reviewing Luda's financial documents and may 'rule' again, in settlement. This photo shows Eudoxie a devoted fiancé, soothing Luda's worries and helping him relax is mind, on board a luxury yacht on vacation. I wonder if the truth has been revealed as we know baby Mom's can be known to be jealous especially if the father of their child is famous, and we all know Luda is a great father..
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