Tuesday 21 January 2014

Kanye West reveals Second A.P.C. Collection

Kanye is undeniably an amazing designer, with a great vision when it comes to fashion, for men and women alike. He is thinking more than outside the box when designing and definitely stands out as a designer/rapper in his own right. His first A.P.C. sold out almost instantly. West's sophomore collection for the ultra-modern French label, was finally revealed this weekend in Paris, with West tapping into his very own personal style to reveal some eye-catching unique pieces..
'I’ve been showing my ideas for 10 years on the front row of the runways.…Hip-hop is an expression of clothing, Some people don’t understand that. I’m really happy with this [collaboration] because I’m starting to be able to express myself.'
Yeezy has introduced season appropriate outerwear, for example the classic fur lined parka jackets, with frontal hoods and shawl type enclosures to keep warm during the winter months. As well as the Kanye trademark masks, which we saw Drake sporting during Halloween 2013, as well as more formal buttoned shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, and various shades of denim items of clothing. He Is A God. I love Kanye.
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