Thursday, 19 December 2013

Tyga Feat. Justin Bieber 'Wait For A Minute' Official Music Video


Tyga and Bieber team up in this cleverly creative video which shows a day in a life of a hounded heart throb celebrity, longing to escape and spend some alone time with their girlfriends. Paparazzi, screaming fans, the whole 9. 'Wait For A Minute,' a dope catchy Maejor Ali-produced song was originally recorded for Bieber, but became the first single for Tyga’s upcoming album The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

'The prevailing theme of the song is fame, the overwhelming demand for Justin Bieber and Tyga’s time and attention,” director Krista Liney recently revealed. 'This concept explores being famous through the eyes of these artists. Everyone is after them, everyone wants time with them, everyone wants to bask in their spotlight. Every moment of their lives is scheduled, including taking a moment to breathe. They are chased, they are exposed . . . can everyone just wait for a minute?'
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