Tuesday, 26 November 2013

'Moesha' to make a comeback?

Brandy & William Allen Young
It has been revealed that Brandy is currently in negotiations with leading Black Hollywood film star Tyler Perry to develop her own show which is reported to be a spinoff of one of my favourite TV shows, 'Moesha.' An unconfirmed source stated that:
'Brandy has been talking about doing her own TV show for a while now, and everything is finally falling into place for her! She recently teamed up with Tyler Perry and is working on her own TV show slightly based off of her old show "Moesha". We’re not sure if it will be a continuation or a completely different show, but we do now that William Allen Young and Sheryl Lee Ralph (Frank and Dee from Moesha) will be portraying her parents again in this new show. Sources say it will be more mature but will still be comedic and family orientated. Tyler is negotiating with Oprah to get it on OWN but if that doesn’t work out, BET or TBS would be a great back up.'

I'm literally praying for this. Omg!
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