Thursday 24 October 2013

Janelle Monae covers Uptown Magazine

Janelle Monae Covers Uptown Magazine
The beautiful Janelle Monae is covering the latest issue of Uptown Magazine’s October/November 2013 edition. She talks about the frustration of being asked the same questions in every interview relating to who she is as an artist, and referring to Diddy as her professional slapper! Lol that's funny. Janell is dope, she has that flawless beauty, blatant talent, uniqueness and such individuality as an artist that she easily stands out in her own right and I love that. Check the highlights.
Being tired of explaining herself as an artist:
Yes. Interviews are like marriages sometimes, and things become old. It’s time to spruce up this sex life! We need to try some new things. I am always asked, “Why do you wear that tuxedo?” Or, “We know that your parents wore uniforms, is that why you wear a uniform?’ I want to tell them, “You know good and darn well [a scant southern accent emerges] that you read that somewhere! I am wondering “Why are you asking me the same question?” Let’s talk about the music, the message and why my eyelashes are long!
I am constantly growing at a very rapid speed. But hell, I don’t even understand myself at times. As I continue to grow into Janelle, so will everyone else. But everything is authentic and honest, I will say.[...]It is my goal to mislead you into believing one thing. There has to be some misinformation out there about Janelle Monáe.
The biggest misconception about her:People think I am so straitlaced and buttoned up. There is a lot of life underneath this tuxedo. I like to have fun. I enjoy practical jokes. I enjoy rolling around the mall in wheelchairs. I enjoy taking someone’s baby and putting it on my hip for about two hours straight and then giving it back.
Diddy’s role in her career:
He is the ambassador and protector of the jam. He makes sure that our ideas get out into the world. He is not involved creatively. He is the spokesperson for corporations when it’s time to talk business. When we don’t want to have conversations with suits, he goes in and slaps people for us. He is our highest professional slapper. He slaps anyone that tries to mess up the jam.
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