Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nicki Minaj Clothing Collection

At last weeks New York Fashion Week, Nicki Minaj showcased items of clothing from her brand new clothing line, and now the collection is available at Kmart from October. Fans can expect spandex threads for those curvaceous women, ripped jeans, flirty body con style dresses and two-piece ensembles, rear enhanced leggings It is also clothing that Nicki herself would actually wear and most importantly affordable. We love.
'It’s very important that I’m not just slapping my name on something. It’s important that my fans are going to know that if Nicki is putting it in her line, then Nicki is going to be wearing it. Sometimes artists get to a place where they feel like they’re too good. You know, I’m not judging anybody either, I’m just saying most of your fans can’t afford Giuseppes, Louboutins and those big bottles in the club. I know what my fans can afford and I’m going to continue to give them things that they can afford. It’s important to me to always bridge that gap between my fans and I' - Nicki Minaj
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