Monday, 2 September 2013

MTV Urban Style Review: July/August

A lil late but better late than not at all righ? Please excuse the lack of posts for my MTV Style Review. It's been a really busy few months for MTV UK The Wrap Up team so things have been a little hectic. Don't worry though, my style review will continue for the rest of the year, so happy days.

We can’t complain about the non-existent summer this year, as Brits have done in the past! It’s given us a great opportunity to experiment with colour-blocking outfits, vibrant neon shades, and eye catching accessories - floral patterns for the girlies, and fresh kicks for the fellas…

The year is flying by, so I’ve compiled a collection of some of the best threads as seen on some of our favourite celebrities during the peak summer months. I also look forward to showing you guys what’s set to be in-season for autumn and fall trends in my September/October column. Keep it locked.

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[Just to let you know, my MTV column is now bi-monthly July & August at the end of August, September October, at the end of October and so on.. Thanks for all your support xxx]
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