Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kanye West BBC Radio 1 Interview Part 1: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Kanye West If It Wasn’t For Michael Jackson’

Kanye West is a G, point blank period. #Yeezus is a f**king masterpiece. Omg. Some of the sickest lyrics and instrumentals so far from Mr West. Check out Part 1 of the full gripping interview with Zane Lowe of BBC Radio 1 in their London studio. Yeezy and Zane begin by discussing his work on the latest album Yeezus, and finish with Kanye helping to push Hip-hop culture forward, touching on all the contributions Kanye continues to make, and his undisputed spirit and determination which led him to where he is today in the industry. He's an amazing rapper, and highly intelligent. I also love what K says about Michael Jackson, who you all know is my all-time idol. Makes me love Kanye even more. Watch below.

'We the real rockstars, and I'm the BIGGEST of all of 'em' - Kanye West.
This interview is my favorite so far this year. Part 2, I got chu.


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