Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fashion Bomb Style Inspiration: Homecoming Weekend

Although we don't have homecoming in the UK, I couldn't resist this post because the outfits are so cute. For my UK readers homecoming is basically when the colleges [or for us Brits - universities] welcome back the alumni students or former graduates if you will ;)
Look number one makes a plaid shirt look so fab teamed up with a stylish classic peplum leather jacket, black sknnies, thigh high boots, and a brightly colored red clutch. A striking statement neckless, hugely popular sultry red lip, and smokey eyes compliment the outfit. The boots are very chic. Wear, only if you can rock 'em well!
 Camo never seems to go out of fashion and in the form of a printed sweater over a pair of  distressed boyfriend jeans, which every closet must have, and this is definitely my favourite. A choice of footwear were both work and you can either wear some sharp black platform booties or Isabel Marant wedged sneakers, in taupe to match the camo. Fab Fab Fab.
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