Friday, 9 August 2013

Love & HipHop Joseline Hernandez Raunchy Rolling Out Spread

Oo la la! While I'm fresh out of watching Love & HipHop ATL's Part 1 The Reunion Show, lemme just say Part 2 is gonna be on and poppin!' Check out Ms Hernandez in the latest edition of Rolling Magazine. I cannot wait for Season 3 of Love & HipHop y'all.
 Joseline's music career and being a pop icon:
'I’m excited that I can go from being a stripper to a pop icon. I’m actually a pop icon because little girls were dressing like me for Halloween. I thought they only dressed like Michael Jackson for Halloween.'
On Stevie J:
'I think Stevie and I are infatuated with each other. Because things go right but I curse him out and I slap him; everybody knows that. I think he’s like my boyfriend. I guess it’s like a relationship. I guess we go together. […] I mean we do go together — it just works. I never met a guy that everything just works out. I’ve had a lot boyfriends but that one — we just work out.'
The Love & HipHop Reunion Show Part 2 airs next Monday, August 12th, at 8p ET/PT on VH1.UK a day or so later online. Holla at me via Twitter if you wanna know where to watch it xxx

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