Thursday, 22 August 2013

Kanye West on Kim Kardashian

Kanye West recently spoke about his love for Kim Kardashian in an exclusive interview with Kris Jenner.  'Someone could say you know, ‘When the paparazzi surround you, how could you … everyone knows you don’t like paparazzi, but why would you be with this person?’And I’m saying I’m being with this person because, you know I love this person. And she’s worth it to me. She’s my joy, and she brought my new joy into the world,' says Kanye. Beautiful.
It's also been reported that an exclusive photo of Kim and Kanye’s two month old daughter North  will finally be revealed on the finale of the talk show. Too exciting!  'She’s a beautiful combination of the both of them, but she is so adorable,' said Kris about her adorable baby granddaughter. Check out the link below to watch the emotional heart-felt preview of the interview with Kanye. How kool would it be to have Kanye as a Dad?! North is gonna have the most incredible parents!
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