Monday, 29 July 2013

Love & HipHop Atlanta star Mimi Faust & Nikko back together?

So I've been loving the latest episodes of Love & HipHop. I've watched around 4 back to back to catch up. The last I saw, Nikko really pushed Mimi's buttons and said some real silly ish which lead to her straight dumping him, after an approximate few of weeks together. Omg. So check out.
This recent picture! Stevie J can't be too pleased, he bought Mimi a BMW with his apparent 'no strings attached present to his baby Moms.' Prior to this, Nikko dropped an arkwardly ticking fake Rolex for Mimi as a gift! Man Stevie s***ed on him! Lmaoo. Niks you gotta stretch harder than that braa! Can't wait for the season finale which I'ma watch tomorrow..
MiMi & Nikko hit up the BCG event [Black Celebrity Giving] in Atlanta on Saturday to help the non profit organization with their new campaign to raise awareness for those in need in the ATL area. Beautiful cause. Let's see what happens with these two.. I love Mimi.
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