Monday 29 July 2013

Christina Aguilera debuts amazing slimmer figure!

While I'm on the weight loss train - following my past post lol, Christina Aguilera has also shed an impressive 20lbs and showcased her new bod in a pink mini-dress at a NBC press event in Beverly Hills on Saturday this past weekend.
 The 4 time Grammy winning singer now 32, looked radiant and confident, sporting platinum blonde waves, a deep tan, and nude Christian Louboutin heels. Ms Aguilera shed her weight with a 1,600-calorie Fresh Diet premium meal-delivery plan, yoga, and regular sessions with trainer Tee Sorge.

 Recently, to Us Weekly last month - an insider revealed, 'She did it all on her own. A lot of people were on her about her weight and it depressed her. She went through a bad time because of the criticism.' A friend also claimed, 'She still 'wants to lose a bit more, but  she feels great.'

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