Wednesday 22 February 2012

Wendy Williams totally pissed off Whitney Houston!

You may have heard about or seen this interview circulating websites recently. Omg. I sat down & listened  to the interview with talk show host Wendy Williams & the legendary Whitney Houston in a radio interview back in 2003. This is exactly why I choose to report from a positive slant when it comes to my Journalism career. I respect Wendy and even more so Whitney. Never judge, never trust gossip, never believe bullsh*t the media print or broadcast. Most of the time it's done for shock factor, i.e a scandal or malicious rumor for entertainment & ratings. Alot of negative media attention seen on various showbiz sites or channels forget that celebrities are normal people, they are by no means immune to harsh or hurtful stories, or somwhow emotionless. This is why I never say a bad word about an artist or celebrity, let alone anyone! I only trust what you hear from a celebrity in a face2face interview. There, you are guaranteed to get the truth.

Listen below. We love Whitney forever & always xxx

Wendy Williams - Whitney Houston Interview Part I

Wendy Williams - Whitney Houston Interview Part II

Wendy Williams - Whitney Houston Interview Part III

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