Thursday 2 February 2012

The Only Way Is Essex Mario is totally busted!

This is so unfortunate that break up's are occuring on The Only Way is Essex right before Valentine's! Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger and recently Arg and Lydia Bright have also called a break on their relationship, now Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburgh. On last night's episode, which I'm yet to watch [gonna catch up with hubbie 2nite..] Lucy was seen crying after reading sexy emails from at least 40 other women on her boyfriend's Mario's iPad. Poor Lucy, but what goes around comes around so people say, that's why its best never to cheat. Sorry to say that.. Once trust is broken its pretty hard thereafter..

The episode begins with Mario and his father Mario Snr - Mario explains how he just simply cannot forget Lucy cheating on him with her ex Mark Wright last September. Previously Lucy had insisted that she woke up in Mark's bed with her clothes on, she also claims she was too drunk to remember what happened. But two months down the line Mario is still struggling to get over Lucy's betrayal.

He told his father, 'Every day I can't stop thinking about Mark and Lucy. I still love her and I wanna be with her, but I can't be with her...' Mario Snr responded, 'It's not the cheating, its the lying to everyone for two months. if you can't trust her, then its pointless.' Mario Jnr continued, 'She said she'll spend the rest of her life making it up to me. But she's done nothing. I'm always paying for everything, taking her out to dinner. She doesn't even say thank you.' Mario Snr replied, 'You're a young good looking boy. Don't waste your time.'

Meanwhile a distraught Lucy confides in girlfriends Billi and Cara over her fears and concerns about her relationship with Mario. She had found tons of messages from her boyfriend to other women. Lucy said, 'There's tons of emails to different girls, 40 different girls. I'm sitting there like a mug and he's sitting there with his iPad that I f**king bought him messaging these girls. Some of them are him asking them to send naked photos. One of them is to a girl on Christmas Day when I was lying with him cuddling him.' Cara and Billi take a moment away from Lucy in the kitchen, and it unfolds that Cara was infact one of the women Mario was contacting! Cara tells Billi, 'What am I gonna do about these texts? I wanna tell her, but I don't think today is the right time. He's a proper p***k isn't he?'

Later on at home, Lucy sent a text to Mario saying, 'Its good to see you put your iPad to good use.' Out at a game of poker with friends, Mario reads the text, abruptly takes his hat and glasses off and leaves, leaving his friends confused as to why. At Lucy's house, Mario pleads to be let in so he can speak to her, but a clearly devastated Lucy refuses to open the door to him. She opens the blinds seeing Mario through the window and shakes her head [as if to say 'No'] when he asks to speak to her, and closes the blinds again..

Wow, The plot thickens...

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