Friday 17 February 2012

Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker happy marriage tips

They have to be one of Hollywood's hottest couples! Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker, have been married for seven years and recently caught up with Essence Magazine during Valentine's week to share their views on the key to a successful marriage.

Boris: I think what’s important is that you’re friends and that you like each other. That’s number one. If you like each other, you have fun with each other and you make each other laugh. You enjoy each others presence then that’s a great foundation to have, first of all. We make each other laugh and keep it sexy. It’s like with everything else — if you want to be successful in a business you have to work everyday to make that happen. A relationship is no different. If you want a relationship that’s flourishing and great and fun and successful, you’ve got to put effort into it every day. We try to do that for each other and with each other.

Nicole: As women we pass down a lot of misinformation on how to ‘keep your man’ or ‘get your man’ or all those things, and I think it’s really basic. I stopped doing a lot of unnecessary things. Like, he didn’t need me to show my love by organizing his sock drawer. I did a lot of things that he didn’t even notice. He’s not going to notice the new purse and I stopped thinking that he should. But when I cook for him, it’s Christmas in my house. When I cook food and you know what else. And after seven years of marriage, I took a lot of stress off myself. Being skinny or hair done, make-up, going to bed like this [points to self] and not putting the do-rag on…I just stopped with all the madness and became very conscious of what he does like, and he’s very conscious of what I like.

We [women] start out as the hot girlfriend that says 'yes' to everything and we’re cool, fun and spontaneous, but after a while when they don’t listen, we become naggy. Now, two years after the marriage, you are standing there in your doo rag with a spatula in your hand screaming about the orange juice. It’s like, ‘how did I get here? I do not want to be this woman’. But it happens! In reality you have to check yourself, you have to check your tone and check your patience.

Boris: Guys have to be more present. When the wife walks in, it should be an event. You have to look up, you have to close the computer, and you have to say, hey baby, wow!

Nicole: When he does it, I feel like a million bucks. Then I’m nice all day. That’s when the food comes. I’m roasting chicken with rosemary and lavender, and everything.

Boris: Guys, it’s simple, very simple. Make her feel great and you get food and everything else.

Amazing advice.. Watch the video interview here

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