Thursday 19 January 2012

Introducing Katie Price's new model Amy Willerton

Many of us may remember Katie Price's find-a-model auditions for reality series programme - Discovered by Katie Price. She found a beautiful model who she will now mentor, and who has  officially signed to her modelling agency - 19 year old Amy Willerton. The duo appeared on 'This Morning' earlier today..

On Amy, Katie Price commented, 'She stood out a lot and for nineteen she's really mature for her age and even if you've got a product, I can put her anywhere and she can just talk.  She's got the look, the body, I mean, some people have got mixed views on Amy and I think when you first meet Amy, a lot of people are like "she's fake and she's this and that", but I think when she's nervous she talks a lot but she's really not like that.'

On her personality Amy said, 'I just like to get it right and when I do my work I want it to be exactly how I want it and when you're creating your own brand you have to stick with what you want to do and what you want to be otherwise you'll end up like somebody else.'

Katie Price, who has just returned from a Miami vacation, made it clear that she is still continuing her own personal business ventures.. 'I'm mentoring Amy, she's with my company Black Sheep Management, and obviously I want people to know that I've not got into management and I'm not doing my career - because there's still lots more that I'm doing! I've not finished with myself... but I'm in a great position that I can mentor someone with my expertise because I know the tricks of the trade, and I can now pass them on to Amy. I've still got my underwear, my perfume, everything... there's no way I'm anywhere near retiring. I've got my deal in America so I'm off there in a middle of the year.'

'She's contracted [with me], but if she wants to go, she can go, but I don't think she wants to go anywhere! That's important for anyone out there actually, when they go to agencies, you always find agencies that just want to sign them up, its like you shouldn't have that worry, its nice to have that confidence anyway.'

We can expect to see alot more of the pair as Amy revealed: 'I'm going to Paris at the weekend, for Paris Fashion Week - we've got so much planned, a completely different angle and there is so much surprise coming because everyone thinks I'm going to be copying Kate!'

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