Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Save Money for Luxury after Lockdown

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We always want to save money. Especially now after weeks of lockdown, we will all soon be returning to work. During the down time we have had, scrolling through Instagram and see the latest fashion trends, accessories, and beauty must haves, we are literally enticed by the amount of beautiful things there are to buy. Ladies, we all want to look as fly and on trend as Cardi B! We would also love to live her glamorous lifestyle and jet set everywhere, but without working really hard and saving that just wouldn't be possible. Here's just a few tips and tricks to help us do that.

When it comes to travel, so many people have said they first thing they are going to do when quarantine lifts is book a holiday! When we start planning holidays again here's some things to remember.

  • Booking in advance if you can, giving you time to go back to work and save for the trip. Budget airlines are always going to offer competitively low prices, but try to book in advance as flights, nearer the time can sometimes skyrocket. On occasion the price can decrease, but more often than not, the further in advance, the better the deal, and not forgetting off season. For example August is the most expensive month of the year for flights, with the school holidays.
  • If you have booked a long haul trip, it's always worth asking upon arrival at check in if there are any upgrade offers. Especially if you are travelling for an occasion such as a birthday or celebrating an anniversary.
  • When you are booking your hotel, comparison sites are the best place to start. They are like search engines specifically for hotel rooms, and many have heard of Trivago it is a great popular reliable site, which price matches and finds you the best price for your favourite hotel. 
  • Sometimes booking last minute can be beneficial - hotels are known for discounting cheaper rooms last minute, also for travel bloggers, always reach out to the hotel, drop an email to management, they are usually more than happy to accommodate, offer a discount or upgrade your room, and include free meals during your stay if you are happy to commend the hotel in a form of a review or vlog holiday diary in promotion. 

Beauty & Clothes 
Key tip - Keep an eye on voucher sights.
  • So many sites offer voucher codes you can use so if you are making an expensive purchase having saved up, always Google discount codes for the website if buying online to enter at checkout, and save you paying full price. 
  • Shopping during sales can also save a lot, for example at the end of season, and be sure to set reminders online to get email notification for the latest deals.
  • Shopping in hidden gems such as vintage boutiques, in person and online, is a great place to find unique clothing and accessories, that hardly anyone owns. It's a great feeling to wear something so unique that people ask you where you got it from? Another great way to save money and add to your funds is to look out for online competitions, giveaways and even play online games, responsibly though! Playing lightning roulette or any other online games a few times a month can give you a chance to save towards your dream holiday, or favourite designer brands. Try also not to use credit cards, or spend more than you can afford. If your working budget your money responsibly so you are able to set aside funds every month to save, and set up a saving account if you haven't already!
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