Friday, 1 May 2020

Great news! New Job

During lockdown, last month I've been applying for gaming industry roles every week. I applied for a very rare and hard to find entry level position as a QA (Quality Assurance) Functionality Games Tester, in the hopes that I could really delve into what goes into testing a title for gameplay, ahead of the release date. I got the job! Training starts today. Luckily the Gaming industry has increased over the past few months with people at home, and a lot of testing can be done remotely from home also. 

I recently bought a new HP All in One PC to create, work and play smoothly.
It's a great PC for video conferences, online tutorials, Microsoft Office, generally working, writing, blogging as well as gaming with Origin where you can download game such as The Sims, Battlefield, Need For Speed and Forza racing games.

Job Title: QA (Quality Assurance)
 Functionality Games Tester

Skills required: 
Passion for Gaming
 Close attention to detail
Testing software knowledge.

Programs include:
Jira, Mantis, TestRail, DevTrack, TTP

What do I do? (Not limited to..)
Testing the function of AAA (Mainstream) title games and new releases across platforms: PlayStation, PC, Xbox in accordance with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo guidelines. Fix and report bugs. Check in-game scripts for grammar errors. Localization internationally and immersive testing for Audio & VR game features.

Hope this helps anyone also looking to work in the Gaming industry. 
I found the position on Indeed

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